Sounds of Edutainment
Located at
17 Cavendish Road, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2001
City of Johannesburg
27.9037189483643 -26.3203544616699
Phone: +27 73 166 2930

Sounds of Edutainment

We are a community-based organisation (CBO). We run an edutainment programme that focuses on raising awareness about HIV within schools and surrounding communities. We use poetry as a means of enhancing and promoting development of the youth. We deejay as a source of income. We provide HIV training for youth, distribute condoms and run HIV awareness and prevention workshops. We are open from 08:00 to 16:00, Monday to Friday. We charge a fee for certain of our services.

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Awareness, Training and Prevention Services Psycho-Social Support
  • Campaigns, Events and Workshops
  • Condom Distribution and Promotion
  • HIV and AIDS Awareness, Health and Wellness Promotion
  • Information Provision and Referral Services
  • Promoting Delayed Sexual Debut/Abstinence
  • Training, Education and Development Programmes
  • Art, Culture, Sport and Recreation
  • Community Care, Support and Development